Working plus A Little Distraction

“I have work but I need a break”
“So, why not take a break?”
“Then will you finish the work for me,” I asked looking optimized.
“Hmm…. I could have helped you if I knew how to,”
Oh well, I guess I will work plus find a way to relax. But how?!

Learn more or practice more – a beginner’s tip

This is a real problem when it comes to design. You can find out a whole set of new design tutorials that you find interesting. On the other hand there are a few things you have learned before but needs a bit more practice.

How I gather ideas & inspiration for my designs

ideas and inspiration

Some design projects are easy pizzy…. While some, even if you bang your head on the table (figure of speech.. ahm..) you get no idea what to do…. This has happened to me soo may times… So here’s what I do to overcome this….

Keep in mind when delivering a logo – to novice freelancers

logo design tips

So what is important about delivering a logo. There are so many things to consider when you are delivering the logo to the client. The client will use this logo on their website, products and with different kinds of print & social media marketing campaigns.

Being a Freelance Designer + pandemic(phew!!)

Being a Freelance Designer + pandemic

Shssssss………. They might hear… I mean C O V I D…. Yes designers were also hit by the sudden pandemic situation. Whether it’s a big design firm or an one person design freelancer, they were all hit by this. The uncertainty was lingering every corner you look. I have heard that some designers, had to […]

Fiverr journey as a designer (a driver’s version)

fiverr design journey

What do you say if I tell you I have been working on fiverr for almost 6+ years. The journey was not that easy, there were road bumps, traffic blocks, crossroads, roundabouts and u turns as well as stop signs…….

My Experience with Creative Block and How to Overcome

As a freelancer sometimes, I have to think of several design projects at once, which is a challenge at times. There had been times I didn’t even had a single concept until the last minute of the approaching client meeting. Events that trigger a creative block in me:  Depending on the client’s brief that clashes […]

My experience as a Freelancer in 5 words…

Freedom  Passion Commitment Experience Gains Freedom : After doing several full time jobs, I realize that working as a freelancer had many benefits. Some are that I am able to select what projects I work with and I get to discuss with the client about the project. The plus point is this helps me to […]

Print vs Screen

There are time you get clients that gives you just the details and asks you to create a flyer and then they go missing in action. And I have come around clients who tells what they need the design for print and they end up using it on social media advertising. So here are the […]


Yes I said it…. Several new designs to deliver on the same day… Are you sure you can do it and handle the different clients requests…. Ok let me think… First I go through each client’s requirements… And send them immediate mails requesting for further clarifications or missing files (images, fonts and other special details). […]