Being a Freelance Designer + pandemic(phew!!)

Shssssss………. They might hear… I mean C O V I D….

Yes designers were also hit by the sudden pandemic situation. Whether it’s a big design firm or an one person design freelancer, they were all hit by this. The uncertainty was lingering every corner you look.

I have heard that some designers, had to quit their full time jobs as well as freelance designers going out of work. And if you don’t have any savings then this is a very problematic time period. This is also not a good time to change careers as well.

As a freelance designer, I have been with mixed situations. At a time there had been many design projects. Most of these designs were related to food and product delivery, health & wellbeing and providing information and educating people about the virus. I also got to design a few recipe eBooks, educational books and workbooks for kids, who are home these days. Tourism related services and the entertainment industry seems to be hit worse as some of my usual clients also disused about getting designs done at a later time (which means I will loose some regular clients for a few more months).

One thing I realized during these hard times is that people are not ready to give up. I have done several marketing designs for new products, a few new food trends, food & produce delivery services and some come up with ideas to market their old businesses. Some have been asking for designs, that can be used after the pandemic-pre preparation as I call it.  

So the pandemic situation has it’s ups and downs. There had been times I was busy with design projects and days when I didn’t had a single inquiry. The best thing that happened was I learned to take thing slow and enjoy my time and start learning piano again ( J it’s fun reading music again). During the idle time, I wrote books, created digital designs and played video games(only car gamer for me please). This pandemic situation will take it’s own time to heal I think, the only thing I think we can do is adapt to the situation at hand and hope for the best. Keep being positive and stay safe everyone…

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