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Freedom :
After doing several full time jobs, I realize that working as a freelancer had many benefits. Some are that I am able to select what projects I work with and I get to discuss with the client about the project. The plus point is this helps me to understands what they expect out of the brief they give me. I also get to choose how I would work as well as decide for holidays in advance as well as time manage the projects. So I am able to give the best design to the client’s requirements.

For me loving what I do gives out the best concept or design idea to my client. And having the passion on what I do let me explore and learn new things. Go beyond my comfort zones. This helps me to excel in what I do as well as achieve more.

I work with international clients. Which means keeping good communication and committing to do the best is the key. I always listen to small details as well as I go the extra mile for my clients. Another plus point is having good project management skills when handling several projects.

While working as a freelance I got to do various projects. Discussing with clients, has given me the opportunity to learn about project management. This also gave me experience on client handling and negotiating. All the various design projects have given me the confidence and has shown me the new skills I need to learn.

After working as freelancer I have gained over 1000 clients all over the world. The experience I have got from each design project has helped me with learning more. I am happy to say I have gained my freedom to work from anywhere and anytime I like.

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