Love what you do

Yes… I said it….. LOVE, LOVE & LOVE….. If you love something you are sure to do things really well..It’s like falling in love with someone. When that love one is around you tend to give the best you have.  I have to say in my case, I always give the best when I fall in […]

Starting a Design

Before you design Be sure you have all the details necessary. Discuss with your client to gather information and ideas  they might have. Have a clear idea of the project you are about to start. IN DETAIL Discuss with your client When you meet up with the buyer, try to gather details about the project […]

Print vs Screen

There are time you get clients that gives you just the details and asks you to create a flyer and then they go missing in action. And I have come around clients who tells what they need the design for print and they end up using it on social media advertising. So here are the […]


Yes I said it…. Several new designs to deliver on the same day… Are you sure you can do it and handle the different clients requests…. Ok let me think… First I go through each client’s requirements… And send them immediate mails requesting for further clarifications or missing files (images, fonts and other special details). […]

Should I or should I not?

What if a client asks  you to create a gif animation and you don’t have the skill to do it. Will you decline the project offer ? So Do I Need to learn new skills What if a client asks  you to create a gif animation and you don’t have the skill to do it. […]


In my freelance career, I have met a few types of clients out of 1000 I have worked with…   Well… there are 3 main types of clients I have met all these days…   I have to admit I have had some huff & puff clients as well as easy peacy to work with ones.  […]

Me A Freelancer !!?

“So what do you do for a living?” I know how my reply will affect their facial expression. “I am a freelancer” I reply with a big smile. Yes I know what you are thinking in the back of your mind. I was introduced to a freelance platform buy my soul mate, as he knew where […]

The Drippie Weather & The First Post

It’s  absolutely raining pretty hard outside, so gloomy and cold and I with my sweater on, sitting near my computer and writing my first post. I have to admit I love to write…