In my freelance career, I have met a few types of clients out of 1000 I have worked with…  

Well… there are 3 main types of clients I have met all these days…   I have to admit I have had some huff & puff clients as well as easy peacy to work with ones.  And there’s the hardest… OVERWELMED once… don’t get me started on them…


The easy peacy clients
  • Gives the brief and the necessary files to create the design.
  • Discuss how the design needs to be done.
  • I send the draft design in a day or two.
  • Changes or modifications done according to the client’s feedback.
  • Finalize & deliver the project.
The may be, may be not clients
  • Gives the brief.
  • Discuss how the design needs to be done.
  • And ALAS!!!! Forgets to send the necessary details.
  • Have doubts about the design concepts.
  • The draft design changes more than 5 times.
  • And it’s gets to the final design.
    (In my experience, the client always loves the first design).
  • Finalize & deliver the project.
The overwhelmed clients
  • Gives the brief.
  • Discuss how the design needs to be.
  • Sends me necessary details and more details.
  • And the client starts to give you so many ideas & concepts.
  • There comes the trouble, too many ideas and sticking to 2 or 3 design concepts is so hard.
  • After much discussion, 3 concept designs are selected and the process moves forward.
  • More discussions as the process goes on to select one concept.
  • The final concept is selected and the last stages of the design continue.
  • Finalize & deliver the project.

These are a few clients I have met and I have a few more types of clients that are sub categories of the above mentioned.
 Let me know your experiences  with clients in the comments below…..

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