Me A Freelancer !!?

“So what do you do for a living?”

I know how my reply will affect their facial expression. “I am a freelancer” I reply with a big smile. Yes I know what you are thinking in the back of your mind. I was introduced to a freelance platform buy my soul mate, as he knew where my talent is and thought I could do better. (Well he was correct… ) Doing freelance work on the platform was  not a piece of cake at first, there were many trials and errors, but after four years I am still going strong as a freelancer, and  I love what I do.

The happy side of freelancing:

  • I get to interact with clients first hand. This make my work easy as I get to know my client’s ideas and expectations.
  • I get to work on my time schedules and take holidays when I need.
  • Able to manage and handle designs from scratch to the final output.
  • Decide the appropriate budget to suit the design brief the client.
  • The best is being able to select the projects that I can do.
  • Helps me to build up my skills in deigning by trying new things and I get to enhance my project management skills as well. 

The wonky downside:

  • Hmm… you cannot be sure of regular projects or work.
  • Always save a little for future – dry spell happens once in a while.
  • The technical hazards are a worry unless you know how to repair your computer.
  • You might feel stressed out sometimes, so remember to take breaks and enjoy holidays.
  • There will be times you need to be patient while dealing with your client and it’s ok to give up some jobs if you feel they cannot be done.
  • And there are sick days….or unavoidable and unexpected things happen… so be sure to have a sibling or a friend help you out during those days.

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