Learn more or practice more – a beginner’s tip

This is a real problem when it comes to design. You can find out a whole set of new design tutorials that you find interesting. On the other hand there are a few things you have learned before but needs a bit more practice.

So what is the best thing to do?

I know the more you practice the more you can do the job right. But it does get boring when you keep practicing the same thing. Top of all you lose interest to carry on. Another thing is if you are doing the same kind of design over and over in your job perhaps, eg.: photo retouching, can be counted as practicing one skill for a long period of time.

If you take the other way around, you will learn a lot of new things, from tutorials in youtube, blogs and etc. But leaning too many things may lead to confusion and being overwhelmed.  There had been times when I had learned a lot, and sometimes the same effect in several ways. This got me into a confused state, when selecting the proper method to add an effect to a design.

Now we have a problem in choosing what is right.

If I am being frank, a mixture of both is the best solution. What you can do is learn things and apply them to your designs, and see the outcome. This will make the whole learn and practice a fun filled experience while you gain your skills.

Choose wisely to suit you… Wish you luck my friends..

Happy creations!!!!

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