Graphics in many dimensions

Scenario 01

“Sir, can I please know the final dimensions you need this to be?”
“Well you are the designer, so you decide,”
“But, depending on the size your print cost will be change,”
“Hmmm…” I nod my head.

Scenario 02

“Sir, may I know where you hope to post this?”
“I mean social media”
“Which one sir, FB, Instagram or Twitter. They have different size requirements”
“Yes..” I nod my head.

Hmm…. Do dimensions really matter?

Yes, they do in everything we do. Also when we design something, be it a print design or a digital design. Everything has a fixed size.

For print:

Check out:

As you can see there are many sizes, also known as standard paper sizes. Depending on the design, we can choose the paper size. But remember, always discuss with your client and show them what the actual size will look like. If not you will end up squeezing too any things into a small space, only to realize what happened after the print.


A note: If you are going to design package or design without a specific size of paper. I suggest you ask your client to get his printer to provide a template if they have, so you can design on top of that. Also if your client seems to be doubtful of a size, eg.: book cover printing or books, it’s better to let the client to discuss this with his publisher before you start the design. Same goes when designing a package for a product.

For Digital Designs:

You can find it by goggling or checking out the platforms.

Same applies for digital designs. The sizes depend from social media posts to videos and digital ads. Another thing to remember is to make things to suit the responsiveness, so the same design can be automatically adjusted to the device you use. So be sure to discuss beforehand with your client, if not you will have trouble later fixing them.


Even when you do video editing, 3d and 2d animations, you will have to think of the screen resolution and what part will be captured in a camera view. So you have an idea of what need to be prominent and not. Just a reminder we live in a world full of responsive screens, and sometimes all we created will not be seen on the device they use.

My Conclusion:

Always remember to discuss with your client about the size or the resolution they prefer for the design.
So you will spend less time resizing the design again.

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