It’s  absolutely raining pretty hard outside, so gloomy and cold and I with my sweater on, sitting near my computer and writing my first post. I have to admit I love to write when it’s gloomy or after midnight when everyone is sound asleep.

It’s been 10 years since I last wrote anything that was published. The poetry book I wrote “A world around me” which added a National Literature Award to my name, gave up writing entirely. A passion I had for many years.  This weather seemed the right ache to start writing again.

Ok…. Moving back to now….

I have been creating this website for sometime, which will have a lot of things I love and a lot of things I do apart 

from freelancing work.  Yes you saw them, my love for dresses  (mainly Audrey Hepburn inspired), decorating cupcakes and I spend a fair amount of time with computer graphics….

My blog will consist of things I love and the things I love to share with you…And you might surprise insights to how I do my designs.  This is just the beginning and the ending is in the horizon….

While you are here please feel free to go through the comics & my designs…. Will write again soon..

Be happy & be good
Love SD

Me A Freelancer!!

Award-Winning Writer, Top Rated Seller on Freelancer Graphic Specialist, Baker, Fashion Designer & an Architectural Visualizer.

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