Architecture….. hmmm

Do you know why I love architectural projects? Architectural projects let me play around with sizes, environment, materials and the aspect of creativity. I also learned a lot about project management by these projects and this also gave me an idea on how to use mathematics to all my projects.

For me architecture means playing around with space, environment lines and creating exciting spaces. Also this is a mathematical representation of space as I feel.

I loved to be an architect, but my fate made a curve when I fell in love with computer graphics. But my love for architecture remains the same. I love turning spaces into usable and aesthetically pleasing areas.

Loving architectural designs was something I had with me since I was small. I used to play for hours with my lego sets building stuff. Ah Ha…. I still have my legos with me… Which turned into drawing spaces with line drawings. When I was around 12, my father got a computer (yes it was with a big bumpy monitor & pentium processor… yes I am pretty old…. 😉 ) which had autocad. I learned autocad by myself and started drawing like crazy.

Learning interior designing, opened my eyes to see a world of variety materials, techniques and how to build concepts.  The fun part of all was modeling the buildings we designed with paper & crafts. I had so much fun creating my hexagonal office/studio. (Reminded me of my lego era.)

I still do architectural designs, that reflect the aesthetics and usability of space with modern architectural concepts. While used to create models by crafts, now I have started to create architectural models using computer aided design. This has helped me to create visuals in various atmospheres and circumstances.

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