Yes I said it…. Several new designs to deliver on the same day…

Are you sure you can do it and handle the different clients requests….

Ok let me think…

First I go through each client’s requirements… And send them immediate mails requesting for further clarifications or missing files (images, fonts and other special details).

While I get those details, I start to make my sketches or create the concept design according to the brief given and I share my sketches & concepts so I can grasp what they really need and improve upon their discussion.

After I get all the details and the approval for the sketch or concept, I start designing the final output.

I will start off with the most urgent design that I need to deliver out of all. I also let my other clients know that I have a quickiiii to deliver. (Most client’s are ok with being a bit late when you let them know).

And I carry on with the other designs, review the client’s feedback and finalize the designs one by one.

One piece of advice…. Be patient and communicate with your client so you can deliver the final artwork as your client expected without less revisions.

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