Fiverr journey as a designer (a driver’s version)

fiverr design journey
What do you say if I tell you I have been working on fiverr for almost 6+ years. The journey was not that easy, there were road bumps, traffic blocks, crossroads, roundabouts and u turns as well as stop signs.......
What do you say if I tell you I have been working on fiverr for almost 6+ years. The journey was not that easy, there were road bumps, traffic blocks, crossroads, roundabouts and u turns as well as stop signs.

The road bump:

When I started I spent about 6 months tweaking my gigs before I got my first. And one after the other orders started to come in. I realized that good reviews do matter as well. So I worked hard during the first few months till I achieved level 2. By that time I was able to have few regular buyers as well. There were dry spells with less work, so I was glad I had saved for future expresses.

The Traffic block:

Because of my quick gig turn around I had to work day and night. But I was never discouraged or tired, as I was doing what I love and every design I did was different from one another.  I was also able to enhance my creativity by doing various design projects alone, that experience can only give.  I had days I didn’t sleep but the experience was worth it along the long run.

The crossroads:

There are times you have to decide whether you are capable of doing the project, to match the clients requirements. And sometimes as a designer you have to give up projects, if you and the buyer’s expectations or ideas don’t match. If you communicate and keep a calm, steady attitude with the buyer, they might return to you for other projects even though the first one didn’t work. You build a trust by communicating in a professional manner. Remember if the project your buyer discusses is something you don’t do, tell them frankly and be honest and move on.

The roundabout:

One note. Difficult buyers, yes they do exists. Whether you like them or not, you will have to do  what they need. If you don’t like to work with the aggressive, overbearing and too detail perfect buyers, you get two choices. Either refuse to work on their project beforehand (give valid reason) or cancel the order, so the buyer get a refund to get the work done by another person.  Or what I do is, be frank with them, let them know if it’s something I can do or not, or if I can get it done in a different manner. I have had a few buyers who got through the roundabout and became regular buyers during the last 7 years.

The u turn:

There are times that you need to double think, if you are not sure of the project or it’s a projects that you doesn’t feel like doing. Yes,I always say no to designs regarding some subjects and projects that doesn’t align with my practices.

The Stop:

hmm.. yes there are times and some buyers that make you rethink if this is worth going on. For me fiverr has been a journey, it was filled with ups and downs and there were times I wanted to quit. But that choice depends on you entirely. For me I have enjoyed my journey with Fiverr so far and I have a better relationship with the workflow.

Oh!!  I have come to my stop… Will tell you more about my experience the next time.

 Have a nice day!! And stay safe!!!

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