3D Generated Fashion Designs

In a virtual world, possibilities are endless.
As a part of the fashion industry, I love creating virtual 3d generated fashion designs.

My virtual designs include:

  • Fashion designing with animation
  • Creating model catwalks
  • Designing poses with 3d models for the dresses created
  • Creating 3d generated Fashion shows

TEAL - Fashion Brand

Comfortable – Everyday Wear – In Linen

Check out the Ready to wear  “TEAL”  Brand cloths line.

You can get more details from  etsy.com

You can order cloths in S,M,L sizes and we will send them to you.
These dresses are home sewn with love & decorated while keeping
the design simple and elegant. 

"After almost 200 gigs with Sanda I run out of words to describe her work ethic and skill. Let’s just say GIFTED!" - FIVERR CLIENT