Graphics in many dimensions

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Scenario 01 “Sir, can I please know the final dimensions you need this to be?” “Well you are the designer, so you decide,” “But, depending on the size your print cost will be change,” “Really?!” “Hmmm…” I nod my head. Scenario 02 “Sir, may I know where you hope to post this?” “I mean social […]

Working plus A Little Distraction

“I have work but I need a break”
“So, why not take a break?”
“Then will you finish the work for me,” I asked looking optimized.
“Hmm…. I could have helped you if I knew how to,”
Oh well, I guess I will work plus find a way to relax. But how?!

Learn more or practice more – a beginner’s tip

This is a real problem when it comes to design. You can find out a whole set of new design tutorials that you find interesting. On the other hand there are a few things you have learned before but needs a bit more practice.

Keep in mind when delivering a logo – to novice freelancers

logo design tips

So what is important about delivering a logo. There are so many things to consider when you are delivering the logo to the client. The client will use this logo on their website, products and with different kinds of print & social media marketing campaigns.

Architecture….. hmmm


Do you know why I love architectural projects? Architectural projects let me play around with sizes, environment, materials and the aspect of creativity. I also learned a lot about project management by these projects and this also gave me an idea on how to use mathematics to all my projects.

Love what you do

Yes… I said it….. LOVE, LOVE & LOVE….. If you love something you are sure to do things really well..It’s like falling in love with someone. When that love one is around you tend to give the best you have.  I have to say in my case, I always give the best when I fall in […]

Should I or should I not?

What if a client asks  you to create a gif animation and you don’t have the skill to do it. Will you decline the project offer ? So Do I Need to learn new skills What if a client asks  you to create a gif animation and you don’t have the skill to do it. […]


In my freelance career, I have met a few types of clients out of 1000 I have worked with…   Well… there are 3 main types of clients I have met all these days…   I have to admit I have had some huff & puff clients as well as easy peacy to work with ones.  […]

Me A Freelancer !!?

“So what do you do for a living?” I know how my reply will affect their facial expression. “I am a freelancer” I reply with a big smile. Yes I know what you are thinking in the back of your mind. I was introduced to a freelance platform buy my soul mate, as he knew where […]

The Drippie Weather & The First Post

It’s  absolutely raining pretty hard outside, so gloomy and cold and I with my sweater on, sitting near my computer and writing my first post. I have to admit I love to write…