Starting a Design

Before you design

Be sure you have all the details necessary.

Discuss with your client to gather information and ideas  they might have.

Have a clear idea of the project you are about to start.


Discuss with your client

When you meet up with the buyer, try to gather details about the project including:

  • subject and the reason for doing such a project
  • the target audience
  • the outcome they are expecting
  • special requirements
  • the deadline

Gather Details you need

Finding out the information and do your research to understand the project better.

  • the necessary text, images and etc.
  • specific fonts
  • if it’s a print design, the final print size
  • the color preferences
  • if they have a brand guide for specification

Have a clear idea about the project

After discussing and gathering all the details, think about how you are going to proceed with the project. If you have any doubts or things to clarify now is the time.


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